The biggest obstacle to success in your life isn't anything external to you.

It's much closer to home.
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You're determined to make some positive changes in your life.

Whether it's in terms of health, business, finance, dating and relationships-
it makes no difference.

You're ready and willing to do whatever it takes.

Only every time you try, something keeps getting in the way..

You know what you need to do, but you're not doing it.

Old habits and negative thought patterns persist, causing you to fall into patterns that prevent you from making progress.

You feel stuck and frustrated, unable to achieve the change you truly desire..

You recognize you're undermining your own growth and deeper fulfillment..

What's it going to take to finally make a lasting change?
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Sound familiar?

"Constantly in survival mode, looking for where the next danger was coming from, even though I was fine."
"So many girls around me gave me a lot of rhythm and energy.. but I couldn't see it at all. It didn't allow me to."
"Not asking girls out, not trading when the bull market was going, not standing up to my father for respect."
"Something inside me was not allowing me to use my full potential."

You know what to do.
You know how to do it.

But something you’ve long forgotten about is still holding you back.

This leads to you sabotaging your dreams, goals, positive habits, even opportunities in business and with women- without ever knowing why you’re doing it.

You may even get in your own way trying to tough-it-out or ignore it..

Causing you to repeat cycles of self-sabotage, damaging your self-worth, and not feeling truly confident, integrated and satisfied despite external achievements.

Hi, I’m

Ryan Christensen

High-Performance Hypnotist

I work with men who are ready to change their mind, choose differently, and rewrite their story with hypnosis.

Using insight gleaned from over 20 years in the Intelligence Community, I realized the power that's held in who we believe ourselves to be, and to what lengths we will go to affirm that identity.

Now I support my clients to overcome unseen obstacles, make forward progress, and achieve greater performance in every area of their life..

By revealing hidden beliefs in their subconscious they can't even see.

450+ Client Success Stories

It's as if I went from seeing the world in black & white to now seeing it in full color..

Ryan’s process is highly efficient and effective. This is a reason why there is a premium on his type of work.

Derrick D, United States
I had tried for what felt like an eternity to improve myself in these areas to no avail.

I would tell anyone that wants to become the best version of themselves to give him a call.

Jonathan S, United States
If you are still undecided, here is what I have to say: the sky’s the limit.

You have the keys to your success, and Ryan is the one who will unlock the shackles of your true potential.

Augustin V, Germany
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Get Immediate Results

Increase Confidence
Overcome negative self-talk and increase confidence and self-esteem.
Improve Performance
Eliminate any limiting beliefs standing in the way of your greatness.
Fuel Motivation
See why you do what you do and get in touch with what drives you.
Sleep Soundly
Improve quality of sleep, allowing you to fully rest and recharge.
Become Trigger-Proof
Unravel and release your triggers to stay calm in any situation.
Stop Spiraling
Silence thought patterns that keep you stuck in a never-ending loop.

Recovery Rate Comparison*

*Researchers analyzed 18 studies comparing cognitive behavioral therapy such as relaxation training, guided imagery, self monitoring, or goal setting with the same therapy supplemented by hypnosis. Those who received the hypnosis experienced better recovery than 90 percent of those not receiving hypnosis, and maintained recovery two years after treatment ended.
600 Sessions
Behavior Therapy
22 Sessions
6 Sessions

See, you're only conscious of 10% of brain activity.

Which means 90% of your decisions, actions and behavior come from the subconscious mind, well beneath your conscious awareness.

Who you believe yourself to be affects how you behave, how comfortable you feel in your own skin, who you're attracted to, and even what you believe yourself capable of.

This can make it difficult to implement lasting changes when you're up against obstacles you can't see.
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How this is Different

Most hypnotists put someone into a state of trance, then suggest to them what they need to hear to get the outcome they desire.

They tell the subconscious how to feel and what to do by commanding it directly, or indirectly with metaphor and story.

This hypnosis is fundamentally different because instead of telling the mind WHAT to do, I'll inquire as to WHY you're doing it- at the very root.

I'll uncover how your subconscious is keeping you safe, then demonstrate how it can achieve the exact same goals with the learned wisdom it has today.
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Some Common FAQ's

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Who this is for:

This is the only hypnosis program designed specifically for men that deals with the root cause of negative behaviors, beliefs and decisions - letting you potentially solve multiple problem areas in one session (instead of playing trauma whack-a-mole fixing one symptom at a time).

It works for men of all ages even if:

- You’ve never had a therapy session.

- You’ve never been introspective about your past.

- You don’t even know what your problem is.

Since this unique method works with the root cause,
and can potentially solve many problem areas at once..

It lets you potentially save yourself from weeks, months, even years of traditional therapy which can add up to tens of thousands of dollars and has no guarantee to work in the first place.
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